USGS LandsatLook Viewer

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Using the LandsatLook Viewer


You can find your area of interest by the text-based search tool in the upper right or by panning and zooming around the globe. The Select Scene button will activate when you zoom in to a 1:1M resolution or closer. The default scene search uses TM and ETM+ imagery from 1999 to present at 20% cloud cover. Using the tools in the Advanced Query section, you can modify the default parameters: years of coverage, cloud cover ranges, and sensor selection.


The viewer will return all applicable scenes according to the criteria. The total scenes returned will appear in the upper right corner of the Display menu (In this example, 441). Because the Landsat archive has many scenes over one location, only a small subset of scenes will display on top of the stack of images (in this example, 3). The other 338 scenes are stored so you can change the scenes viewed easily without conducting multiple searches. You can view all scenes by clicking the Metadata button in the menu (for one scene at a time) or the Table button for a list……

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